Childhood Obesity Facts: Doing Something About It

The facts of childhood obesity must be known before effective solutions can be implemented.

Growing up in a farming community, we always brought our lunch to school. Today, things are very different. With busy lifestyles and effective advertising, the change has been for children to buy their lunch. Or they wait for fun packaged goods from the grocery store to make their lunch.

And this is where we find the root of the problem. Let me explain…

Processed foods are loaded with food additives. And some of these additives actually contribute to childhood obesity.

MSG is a common food additive. It occurs naturally in some foods with no problem, such as beets. However, the man-made version is far from harmless. MSG is an excitotoxin. This means that it acts by overexciting the neurons of the central nervous system. It causes such vigorous activity that brain cells die.

This additive has a very close relationship with obesity. In fact, this is what scientists give to lab rats to cause obesity. Scientists who want to test all kinds of weight loss products need fat rodents to do their obesity experiments. Oh yeah, scientists have figured out how to create obese rats using msg. It is known as msg obesity.

So the first thing you need to do is eliminate all msg-containing foods from your child’s diet. Some other names would be meat tenderizer, flavor enhancer, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, accent, and glutamate.

Next is aspartame. This additive is also an excitotoxin. Effective advertising has made this the sweetener of choice. Even more so for the weight conscious person.

So it may come as a surprise to you to find out that one of the reported side effects is slow and steady weight gain. Another side effect is craving foods with this ingredient.

Aspartame is a toxin. It works by altering the body’s chemistry and causes disease. Definitely not what you intended when you bought the diet drinks. Read your labels. You will find it in cereals, snacks, gum, soft drinks and even in yogurt. It is the most widely used food additive, but it can also be avoided. Just get in the habit of reading the ingredients.

Then there are hydrogenated fats or oils. Did you know that your body really needs fat to function? Yes, essential fatty acids are obtained from fat. They are necessary in all body systems for proper function.

One of the problems with hydrogenated oils is that they do not have essential fatty acids. Is it so dead nutrients, you can say. And then, to make matters worse, they also inhibit nutrient absorption. So not only are they devoid of nutrients, but they also deprive the body of nutrients from other foods.

This means that even with food, the body is more in a starvation effect. You need to get essential fatty acids, so you never get full and overeat.

Avoid all foods that contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. In addition, the elimination of trans fats does not give nutritional value to hydrogenated oils.

These food additives form the root of obesity in our children. In fact, cutting processed foods out of your child’s diet may be the best thing you can do to improve their health. Oh yeah, it’s that significant.

Instead, make your own meals with organic ingredients whenever possible. As you begin to make changes to healthy eating, you will notice changes in your child. Your cravings for fatty foods will decrease. Just like your sweet tooth. And then you will see that a well-nourished child naturally has more energy. You will begin to see your child active and playing. Can you think of a better reward than that?

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