Diablo 2’s Last Wish – Combine Fade and Life Tap to Constantly Thwart Your Duel Partners, Part 1

Last Wish is a runic word used on axes, hammers, or swords, and is considered the most expensive runic word in Diablo 2 due to the fact that it requires six runes, each of which belongs to the extremely rare category. Last Wish is often compared to that other Runeword, Breath of the Dying, which is also considered extremely expensive due to the fact that it requires the rarest of Runes, the Zod Rune.

Is Last Wish worth its price?


6 Socket Axes / Hammers / Swords

Runes (in order): Jah + Mal + Jah + South + Jah + Ber

The statistics:

Level requirement: 65

6% chance to cast Level 11 Vanish on Hit

10% chance to cast level 18 Life Tap On Striking

20% chance to cast Charged Lightning at Level 20 Attack

Level 17 Might Aura when equipped

+ 330-375% Enhanced Damage (varies)

Ignore target defense

60-70% chance of crushing blow (varies)

Avoid monster healing

Hitting Blind Target

+ 0.5-49.5% chance to get magic items (+ 0.5% per character level)

6% chance to cast Level 11 Vanish on Hit

Vanishing is a very useful skill in the Assassin’s Shadow Disciplines skill tree. Offers three benefits: (1) reduces curse duration (2) grants bonuses to all four elemental resistances (3) grants physical resistance. The three perks provided by Fade are very useful for any Diablo 2 player.

A level 11 fade lasting 240 seconds (or 4 minutes) will reduce the duration of the curse by 75%, increase all four elemental resistances by 56%, and grant an 11% increase to physical resistance.

10% chance to cast level 18 Life Tap On Striking

This mod on Last Wish makes it attractive for PvP (players versus players) play.

Life Tap is one of the Necromancer’s curses. When cast on a target, any attacker who attacks it is healed for 50% of the damage suffered by the victim. A level 18 Life Tap lasts 56.8 seconds.

This is important because in the current Diablo 2 game, Life Leech from items does not work in PvP. You have to throw Life Tap on the target and heal by constantly dealing damage to your poor victim.

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