Five Ecommerce Marketing Tools You Need To Know

More and more people are using the Internet to shop, especially with the increasing use of smartphones and mobile device-based product navigation. For this reason, it is advisable that almost any type of retailer consider having an e-commerce store to help sell more products.

But what’s more than just selling products on the web, is marketing those products effectively to potential customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are two ideal marketing channels for e-commerce stores. SEO and PPC are important because they increase the advertising exposure of certain products of an e-commerce site on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more visibility an ecommerce website has, the more traffic and sales potential the site can generate.

There are several SEO and PPC tools available that will enhance your ecommerce marketing campaigns. Many of these tools are free, so consider each one when creating or optimizing your internet marketing strategies.

SEO search engine

SEO Digger is a free online tool used to help optimize Google websites. To use this handy SEO tool, simply visit the website (, enter your URL, and click ‘search’. The tool will give you the top 20 Google rankings for your website.

This tool has the advantage that it helps you determine if your website is clearly defined in Google. The tool is also good because it allows you to check some of your highest rankings without the need to buy ranking verification software. Additionally, SEO Digger lets you know your competitor’s best keywords, allowing you to use an effective ecommerce SEO strategy.

Google AdWords preview tool

Another useful tool designed for pay-per-click advertising is Google AdPreview (Google AdWords preview tool). Google AdWords is the most popular paid search advertising platform, and this tool helps you fine-tune and optimize your campaigns. The AdPreview tool will display your text ads as they will appear in Google results.

This tool does this without applying impressions to your account, which means that a preview will not result in a decrease in CTR (click through rate). Google AdPreview allows you to select the location where you are promoting your ads so that you can see the ads as they would appear to a user in a given location. In essence, the AdPreview tool in AdWords can help you determine how effective your ad placement is relative to the bid price.

SEO Book Firefox Plugin

Another useful search engine optimization tool is SEO Book’s Firefox add-on. The Mozilla Firefox plugin displays 22 different SEO metrics on the standard Google SERP. These include inbound links, domain age, Technorati rank, Alexa rank, cache, DMOZ listing, WhoIs, Bloglines, and PageRank.

This data is very valuable for competitive analysis. With information like inbound links and PageRank, internet marketers can measure how powerful your competitors’ pages are relative to yours.

Google Sets

Google Sets (Google search engine tools) is a unique tool from Google Labs. In short, the Sets tool helps marketers get keyword ideas and SEO insights. All you need to do is enter the keywords you are interested in and Google will give you related search terms. It is said that Google Sets may be shut down, however many professionals are requesting that this tool remain because they find it much more enjoyable to use than Google’s Keyword Tool.

AdCenter Keyword Mutation Tool

The last tool on our list that helps SEO and PPC optimization is the AdCenter keyword mutation tool. This unique tool helps you find keywords that have unique spellings (sometimes misspellings) and typos. This helps you optimize your website as web users will not find you if you have misspellings or typos in your keywords. This is one of the Microsoft AdCenter Ad Labs tools.

Well, there you have it: five useful tools for Internet ecommerce marketing. We hope these tools help you identify opportunities in your strategies and improve your overall marketing efforts.

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