How Blu Ray Car DVD Players Won’t Change The World Overnight

The end may be near for standard DVD, but Blu-Ray is highly unlikely to be the harbinger of doom. Especially when it comes to car DVD players.

Right now, Blu-Ray players are too expensive, the media itself costs too much, and there isn’t enough of a rise in quality between DVD and Blu-ray to entice the average consumer to switch to the new format. , especially with car DVD players. However, the players are not cheap to buy.

What’s worse is that the discs aren’t much cheaper and won’t show their full value on a 7-15 inch car DVD screen. The new players are scheduled to go on sale in Japan (Japan only, so far) in the fall of 2009. So if people aren’t looking for Blu-Ray car DVD players, what do they want?

When it comes to automotive DVD, most people look for:

* Better image and sound quality

* Additional subwoofers

* 16:9 ratio displays

* Low battery discharge

* GPS navigation units

*Bluetooth connectivity

If you’re selling on eBay or any other e-commerce network, your best bet, according to the best-selling car DVD drives, is to focus on units with GPS. Many consumers want a GPS compatible multimedia unit!

Blu-Ray compatible players may or may not ever take off, and right now it’s not feasible to try to sell them anyway, as there’s nothing on the market yet that has a profitable resale price.

Since the DVD player is in a car, it seems natural that many buyers would also be interested in having GPS available. That may be even more true right now, since it’s summer and therefore vacation time.

With families on road trips and vacation trips, as well as wanting your car’s entertainment system to entertain passengers like restless and bored children, a GPS device would definitely come in handy! So don’t worry about Blu-Ray just yet. Focus instead on the GPS and you’ll see your business fly.

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