How does the Ideal Taxi app dispatch panel look and work?

There is much more to the Taxi App dispatch panel than meets the eye!

Zooming into a dispatch panel while heading into “taxi app development” should be at the top of your priority list.

Admin/Dispatch Solution is the foundation of any taxi software providing the key reports to successfully drive the business through intelligible action. The challenge of supply and demand or the efficient mix of riders and drivers in the real world, while ensuring low wait times and taking into account traffic and other factors, is all under the hood of the dashboard algorithm. office.

But have you ever wondered what a dispatch panel looks like?

There is a giant behind-the-scenes infrastructure that acts as a real-time marketplace platform that connects drivers with passengers using mobile phones, which is typically optimized using an AI simulation framework.

Moving forward, here we see the basic image of the dispatch panel and its output variables:

1. a board which allows the administrator to view and manage:

– All travel reservations.

– Average number of trips made by all drivers

– Average distance traveled (round trips)

– Driver’s average earnings in a month/year.

– Total potential trips lost in a day/month/year.

2. Real-time tracking function that allows the administrator to keep track of all their drivers in real time to know the status of their trip, availability and location.

3. Driver management function that allows the administrator to assign trips to drivers and keep their customers informed with real-time updates. The administrator also has full authority to activate or deactivate any driver’s account.

4. Travel management The function allows the administrator to see the total number. of trips in progress on the LIVE map, no. of wrinkles requested by customers, no. of trips accepted and canceled by drivers.

5. Dynamic pricing factor increases when there is more demand and less supply.

6.Advanced analysis report section that allows the admin to view user wallet report, driver payment report, ride acceptance report and total earnings report.

7. Real-time chats in the app, push notifications to send messages in person or broadcast to drivers and customers to maintain effective communication.

8. A dispatch panel it also allows the admin to create trips at the user’s request in case they don’t have the app or have lost their network.

How does the dispatch system work?

The taxi app dispatch system is mainly based on GPS/location data. Uber-like taxi apps consider the formula of dividing the earth into small cells through the Google S2 library, giving it a unique cell ID.

Dispatch is built using node.js, the advantage of using node is the asynchronous and event driven framework. Additionally, it allows you to send and receive messages over WebSockets, allowing the client to send messages to the server right then and there.

A smart dispatch panel is the lifeblood of any taxi application software. It can make or break your business. It gives you endless possibilities to manage taxi drivers, taxis and customers and make actionable decisions based on trip reports. Also, it helps you monitor your progress. It’s essential

So, what are you waiting for? To effectively manage your fleet operations, get an advanced taxi dispatching system from a trusted taxi app development partner now and start scaling your business fast.

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