How to get the best laptop?

You can get a good laptop for $ 300- $ 600. You can get all the required features for $ 500. You can get used laptops for as low as $ 100. Search and you can find the right laptop for you. If you want a good laptop, there is no need to spend more money. Sure, there are expensive laptops on the market that will cost over $ 1000. The most expensive can be found at almost $ 10,000. I once saw a laptop that was priced at $ 80,000. The laptop is not a rental property. It is a commercial tool and should be used for commercial and educational purposes only.

Competition is very high in the technology market and the design changes every three months. I like the technology, but I don’t need those fancy features at such high prices.

I don’t see a big difference in the characteristics. Companies play their tricks while making design changes. You can see that the most expensive laptop has a stylish design. It’s easy to use. These are good features, but not good enough to spend thousands of dollars.

You can get great features for just $ 100. Select a good used laptop and you get all the best features. Prices for used laptops start from $ 100 and end at $ 300. Prices for new laptops start from $ 500 and continue. MAC laptops are more expensive than Windows laptops. I have never used any operating system other than Windows. I heard that Chrome OS is good too, but it does have some limitations. The cost of the laptop depends on the operating system and other required features.

If I am going to buy the laptop (new / used), I will look for the following features.

1. CPU speed

I would like to know the boot speed. How long will it take to wake up?

2. Weight and thickness

The next thing I want to check is the weight and thickness. If the weight is less than 2 kg, it will be easier to carry the laptop. Less weight makes it more portable. The thickness also plays an important role. I prefer mini laptops. They are lightweight and it is easier to watch movies.

3. Battery time

Battery time is important to me. A good laptop should support more than 6 hours of working time. The most expensive laptops have a battery life of 14 to 20 hours. You can get good battery life by adding more cells at a reasonable cost.

4. Good RAM

The latest laptops have a 4GB RAM. You can look for 8GB RAM for better speed.

5. Touch screen

If you are going to buy a laptop in 2015, buy a laptop with a touch screen. It is best to buy a 2-in-1 PC.

Here are some tips for buying the laptop through an online shopping portal.

1. Find a phone number. Websites can provide you with their email address, but it is best to contact them via phone number.

2. Look for a professional attitude. Excellent customer service is required to trust the business.

3. Read reviews about the service. There are many shopping websites. Hopefully, many are not scams. But, it is never good to go blind.

Getting the best deals on laptops is easy. You can get very affordable deals with amazing features. Social media and email subscription are the best ways to stay up-to-date. Some websites offer a 10% discount when you subscribe to their email list. You can get amazing offers on the respective social media pages. Big brands update their social media accounts as soon as the deal is announced. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

You can also create a “Google” alert. Companies can also send you SMS when a new deal is announced.

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