Introduction to Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration, Tissue Expansion, How It Is Done

What is foreskin restoration and how is it done?

Non-surgical foreskin restoration is the process of extending and growing the skin of the penile shaft (and / or the remaining foreskin) to aesthetically and functionally resemble a man’s first natural foreskin. The expansion and growth of new skin is quite possible. The new skin cells are forced to grow by applying some type of tension / traction device to the skin of the shaft. With the constant and consistent application of the chosen restoration method, in other words, with the tension that is constantly applied to an area of ​​the skin, new skin cells grow as a result of its expanded (stretched) condition.

The medical profession uses a similar principle. In plastic surgery, for example, a doctor may place a balloon device under an area of ​​a patient’s skin and slowly over a period of time inflate the balloon to expand and grow the skin tissue that surrounds the inserted device. .

Many men come to the FRC chat room and ask “how can I restore my foreskin?” or “How can I be growing my foreskin?” Non-surgical restoration is always the most preferred method and provides the most natural and normal looking restored foreskin. However, there are surgical options available, although they carry risks and the results are generally not very successful. Consider the time it takes to restore non-surgically as a healing process.

Confused by all this?

(Specific methodologies can be found on the FRC site, located at, a non-profit site)

We see new restaurateurs at FRC all the time. They read all the information on the net and feel overwhelmed. The main source of concern always seems to revolve around “what method should I start using to restore?”

Regarding the method you chose to use to restore: It is not uncommon to try two or three different methods or devices (commercial or not) before a foreskin restorer (“FR”) finds the method that works best for them in:

– Comfort

– Practicality of use

– Ease of adapting the method / device to the lifestyle

– Ability to tolerate prolonged constant use

Many devices for restoring the foreskin are simply impossible to wear to bed, for example. So take some time to peruse the comparison charts (easy to find online!) So you can decide which method to try first.

NOTE: Most beginners start with the “T-Tape” method as it is the simplest to do at home, with virtually no cost, and is a proven and effective method of restoring your foreskin. But you may not like having to wear tapes … if that’s the case, then you should resort to researching non-surgical tapeless “shooters.”

Depending on the method you decide to use to start growing your foreskin, you should refer to the FRC link directory in the “specific restoration methods” section to find the specific instruction sets for the method you have chosen, or if you have purchased a commercial device, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website.

Being new to foreskin restoration doesn’t have to be complicated! Simply: research the method comparison chart, decide which method can follow your lifestyle / desired growth rate / ease of use / discretionary needs, etc. Then go to a directory and find the specific restore method you have chosen. If you cannot find the instruction guides for your particular method, simply do a web search for the method or device you have chosen.

Read and study all the publications, journals and materials that you can write online by restaurateurs using the same method as you. You can never learn enough about this delicate process, and the more you know about exactly what you are doing, the less likely you are to fail in your quest for a restored foreskin!

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