Linear active warm-ups

The benefits of active warm-ups far outweigh any other form of static warm-up method in use today. In addition to being shown to be more effective in sports labs across the country, it makes sense if you stop to think about it for a second.

Why do we insist on sitting down and stretching our hamstrings before we go for a run when that movement isn’t even part of our running stride? Why do you grab your tennis racket and make big circles with your arms when you’re never going to do that in a match?

The key to an effective warm-up is to mimic the movements you’ll make while jogging, working out, or playing sports. The idea is to warm up your muscles gradually using them in the same way you will use them while playing. By applying these active warm-ups, you will ensure that you are adequately prepared to begin your exercise program in the best condition and will minimize any chance of muscle injury.

Linear active warm-ups

Linear active warm-ups should be implemented prior to any running activity that does not require side-to-side movement, such as jogging and running. The following linear active warm-ups allow you to warm up one muscle area while providing a gentle stretch to another at the same time.

high knee walk

Start walking and with each step raise your knee so your quad is parallel to the ground. Hold your elevated leg at shin level and stand on your toes with your leg on the ground. alternate legacy.

high knee jump

Gently jump from one leg to the other as you raise your leg so your quad is parallel to the ground. This is a great warm-up for your hip muscles, which are so important for running.

High knee run

This exercise is like running in place, but make small movements forward while keeping your upper body straight and using your hands in the running motion. Again, be sure to raise your knees high enough to maximize the use of your hip flexors.

butt kicker

Jog in place and with the leg that is not on the ground extend it completely backwards until it comes into contact with your buttocks. This exercise has two purposes; first to stretch the hamstrings and also to get the quads into full motion.

Touch your fingers jumping

Another great active warm-up for the hamstrings, during this exercise slowly jump forward. Extend the leg that is not in contact with the ground in front of you and touch it with the opposite hand. You will touch your left foot with your right hand and vice versa. It’s okay to have a slight bend in your extended leg when you reach out to touch it.

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