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Global knives are well known for being the highest quality knives in the world. Manufactured by the Japanese Komin Yamada in 1985, only for several years did it become a quality standard around the world.

They were first sold only in Japan, and then they were introduced to the European market. This happened in 1988 at the Frankfurt fair and only 12 items were offered to the customer that year.

They were all made of stainless steel and Komin Yamada believes that at that time no other company had such high quality products. They were made in the same way as Samurai swords – each knife is weighed and checked for the perfect balance and weight to make it comfortable to hold.

At this time, “global brand” knives offer more than 100 different products, have 35 companies that are their distributors and are sold in 35 countries around the world.

Basically, there are four series of Global knives: the G, GS, GF and GSF series and here you will know the basic characteristics of each one of them.

G series

The G series includes many different products: cutter, cook, carver, oriental cook, vegetable, oriental DEBA, roast cutter, bread knife – 20 cm, 22 cm, 24 cm, 27 cm, ham / salmon knife, meat chopper meat, carving fork, flexible fillet knives of various sizes – 16 cm, 21 cm and 27 cm, butcher – 18 cm, meat / fish knife – 21 cm, Chinese chopping knife – 2.2 mm and 4 mm, long slicers – 30 cm and 35 cm, and some special knives – YANAGI Sashimi – 25 cm and 30 cm, and TAKO Sashimi – 30 cm.

All knives have a special number and there is a photo that shows exactly what the knife looks like.

GS series

The GS series includes 19 small knives. The largest of them is only 16 cm long and is used to make sandwiches. These items are used as slicers, cooking, vegetable knives, peeling, peeling, tomato, cheese, fish / poultry.

In short, the knives in this series are used for more delicate jobs in which you have to be very careful if you want to achieve great results in the kitchen. Some knives are used for food decoration, so they are very small and extremely precise.

While the G series knives can be used by both professional and amateur cooks, the GF series knives are made especially for professional chefs. They are almost the same as the G series knives, but are used for heavy duty tasks, for example there are butcher knives and boning knives. There are 11 items in this series and they have larger sizes, compared to the G and GS series.

GSF series

The GSF series knives are used as a complement to the G and GF series. There are 11 products with small sizes, mainly used for peeling. There is a straight paring knife and a curved paring knife. In addition, there are three large-handled paring knives: the first is a 6 cm long straight knife, the second is an 8 cm long straight knife, and the last is an 8 cm long curved knife.

Again, these knives are primarily recommended for professional chefs and special knowledge is required to distinguish which knife is used for what purpose. They come with a special number, which begins with “GSF” and then follows the product number.

If you check your search engine and compare prices, you will see that G-series knives can be found for £ 60 to £ 80. Also, the GF series knives are worth between 85 and 135 pounds.

All the knives in the GS series are about the same price: 57 pounds. The most expensive knife in that series is the Santoku knife, which is worth 60 pounds. It can be used for three different purposes: slicing, mincing, and mincing. It is a complete knife.

You can find GSF series knives with special discounts – the price without the discount is £ 50-80, with the discount you will save up to £ 20, which is an excellent price for such a high quality product.

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