The Piggyback Method of Teen Car Insurance

Teen car insurance tends to be excessively high. Auto insurance companies view young drivers as riskier and therefore have to charge them much more expensive insurance premiums. For a driver who is inexperienced in driving, there is very little that can be done to show insurance a lower picture of his risk. The only thing first-time auto insurers can do is something called “piggybacking.”

For piggybacking, you will add your name and vehicle to someone else’s auto insurance policy, rather than starting your own policy. Typically, you can only piggyback on your spouse’s or parent’s auto insurance. The savings on obtaining your own insurance are phenomenal. Some drivers pay up to 50% less than it would have cost them to get it on their behalf.

The longer your parents have been reputable policy owners, the greater the savings you will get. Over the course of twelve months, the amount of money you will have saved will be in the hundreds of dollars.

The only negative is convincing your parents to add you to their policy. My suggestion is to tell them that you will pay for the month in advance. Maybe pay two months in advance. Believe me, the money you will put in your pocket will definitely make it worth your while.

The first step to getting cheaper car insurance for teens should start with the piggyback method. Convincing your parents to add you to their auto insurance policy will result in a fantastic rate for you. The savings on obtaining the policy yourself will be significant.

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