Why do you need a need

It was a Sunday afternoon and the two old men, Jack and Albert, sat in front of a roaring log fire. They drank a tall glass of brandy and shared fond memories of days gone by. Albert’s old hound lay sleeping right in front of the fire, which crackled loudly.

After a while, the old hound raised his head and let out a loud howl, then lowered his head and returned to his docile state. The two old men continued talking. A while later, the dog raised its head and howled loudly once more, then lay down again. Jack was a little alarmed, but decided not to say anything. Some time later, the old dog raised his head and howled again, then went back to sleep. Jack decided that he had to ask why the dog was behaving this way. “Albert, why does your dog keep raising his head and then howling loudly?” Albert replied, “Oh, it’s nothing really. He likes to lie down in front of the warm fire and right where he lies down, it’s a rusty old nail. Every now and then the nail sticks in his head, so he screams occasionally”. . Jack said, “well, if that old rusty nail is bothering you so much, why don’t you move somewhere else?” Albert replied, “Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt that much.”

Many of us complain about our situations, our relationships, or our jobs, but not many of us are prepared to do anything about it. Like the old dog, we raise our heads from time to time and howl about how unlucky we are, but the ‘pain’ is not enough to make us act. Why is this? The answer is quite simple. Many of us wish things were better, and some of us really want things to be better. But until we really NEED things to get better, we won’t budge. To take action, you need a ‘NEED’.

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