YouTube Marketing: How To Get More Views On YouTube

Knowing how to get more views on YouTube is essential. If you don’t have the views, your competitors get them. There are hundreds of ways to get more views on YouTube, however some of them require a team of people or subcontractors or specialized and expensive software and are not feasible for a small business. There are some very easy ways to get more views on YouTube videos that anyone can implement, which we will talk about here.

Easy Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Now, to get more views on YouTube videos, there are some basics that everyone should do. One thing that is always good to do before making a video is to “spy”. Monitor the people who will be your direct competition and see what they are doing. What have you titled your videos and what kind of phrases are they targeting? What’s in their description and what do they link to? Do you have your own channel? Do they engage with comments or even have comments turned on?

All of these things will give you some clues as to how easy it will be for you to compete with them. If you already have your video set up and are online, let’s tackle some of the easiest ways to get more views on the YouTube videos you already have.

1. Share your video with everyone. If your video is something that a wide range of people will be interested in, start sharing it everywhere. Every time you talk to someone, mention them, put them in your signature, and have everyone on your social media accounts check it out. Obviously this is basic stuff, but this is how you get going and you get anywhere from 5 views to 500 or 1000.

2. Comment on other videos. Every time you see a video, comment on it. Don’t spam them with stupid comments, but do offer them your thoughts or criticism and some help. Then you can leave a link to your video. Hint: the better your comment, the more likely it will end up in the top comments section and your link will stay there! This does not mean that you only get more views on YouTube, but also on Vimeo and other video hosting sites. Even when you’re just reading a blog post or forum, leave a link to your video if it’s appropriate.

3. Get more friends from YouTube. Look to make friends with as many people as possible and then start networking with them, you can create networks of people sharing each other’s videos and this can be a powerful way to spread love. Don’t approach direct competitors and expect them to mention your video, instead reach out to people who are in secondary or secondary niches. If you want to get more views on how to make muffins YouTube channels, try to find people who make cheesecakes.

They won’t steal each other’s customers, but help each other while serving slightly different markets. Don’t overdo this though, if you add thousands of people at once, you’ll get a stern warning from YouTube. Get more views on YouTube by being a real person and slowly add a certain number of friends each day. Watching is a long-term plan instead of spending a day adding 2,500 friends and hoping they watch your channel.

4. Promote outside of YouTube. You can get more views on YouTube by promoting your videos in hundreds of places online, but there are certain places that are much more likely to attract the people you want. If you have a video on how to do Zumba, go and find some blogs about Zumba dancing that are semi popular, read the post and leave a link to their video. This highly targeted way to get more YouTube views works because it targets only people who are already interested. Search forums about Zumba-ing or other types of dance training classes, and you’ll have thousands of people interested in your video, who otherwise wouldn’t have found it.

5. Get more views on YouTube with social bookmarking. If you have a video on how to clean a DVD player, please create accounts on popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg and Diigo and add them there. This will help you get views and some backlinks to your video to help you move up the rankings a bit. Getting backlinks from these sites and the aforementioned blog comments, forum posts, and links in other YouTube videos help send the message that your video is getting more popular. Don’t forget to tag your videos and give them a good title when you submit them to these sites. There are many free mass bookmarking tools online, however, you still need to create an account with each site you want to use.

Where do you start?

With all these options, it can be a headache wondering where to start. Simply choosing one simple thing and doing a little each day toward the process will help you get off to the best possible start. Trying to do too many of the steps won’t get you more views on YouTube because you’ll give up. Just pick a method to focus on and you’ll get more views over time because you’re slowly building the links to your content.

Before trying all of these above methods, it is highly recommended that you make sure that all basic video properties are up to par. Make sure your video is titled and capitalized as needed, labeled correctly, and has a good starting image. Make sure you don’t overload your video with too many annotations, instead have a popup appear for just a few seconds a couple of times during the video to encourage people to watch more videos, subscribe, or whatever else you want. If you can do this, you will easily get more views on YouTube, but it is a process and not something you can do overnight.

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