Free Press Releases: 3 Reasons to Use Them to Market Your Freelance Writing Business

Free press releases (also known as releases, PR articles) are a great way to market a freelance writing business. As a freelance writer since 1993, here’s how and why I use them.

How I use free public relations to grow my freelance writing business

Obviously, a press release is designed to capture the attention of the media. But that’s not the main reason freelance writers should use them. I have been a freelance writer since 1993 and I think there are three best reasons to use this form of marketing to land writing jobs.

(i) They are content optimized for search engines that generate traffic: Press releases are content only. And, any type of content written with SEO in mind and published on the web can generate traffic.

You see, when search engines crawl a site, they don’t care if it’s a free PR syndication site, blog, news site, etc. Index content – period. So when writing them, write with SEO in mind, which will help increase traffic to your freelance writing website.

For your information, these are known as “SEO press releases”.

(ii) Use press releases as copywriting examples to attract high paying customers: The PR pieces you write can double as writing samples. With these little friends in your writing portfolio, you can get more paying clients, especially if you know how to write and distribute them.

For example, my fee for this type of writing is $ 195. If you know what you are doing, you can write one in a couple of hours or less. Imagine doing just two of these a day?

It’s not a bad life as a freelance writer, is it?

(iii) Bring prestige to your writing business: Being quoted in a press release adds prestige to your business. To get the most out of what you write, post them on a “Media” page on your site.

When prospects come in, they’ll be impressed by the fact that you even have a “Media” page.

Unconsciously, this increases your value in their eyes because it ranks you as a “professional writer / copywriting firm” (if everything else on the site supports this impression).

Potential clients also expect to pay more to “prestigious professionals” because the value it brings to them is ostensibly greater (and it should be).

The council of press releases n. 1 Things to Consider When Marketing Your Freelance Writing Business

The first thing to keep in mind when marketing your business through pitches is that it’s not about you. The media doesn’t care about you or your writing business.

They care about serving their viewers, their readers, their customers. They want to solve problems for them, and if your company just does it, then they will be interested. If not, no matter how well written your press release is, they will not be interested.

Keep this in mind as you write, and you have a chance to make it newsworthy (always the goal!) And get the burning media light on your freelance writing business. Good luck!

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