How to choose a homestay in London

“Many students who go to study in the UK choose to rent student accommodations in London. In fact, they can choose apartments or host families in off-campus student accommodations. So what are the advantages of host families?

When studying in London, UK, it is also good to choose a British family accommodation, which is what we often call a host family. Homestay families have many advantages, such as a better environment, better infrastructure in the house, and no need to worry about hygiene. In the host family, we can often communicate in English with the host and other residents, which provides a good condition for improving our English ability, and it is also convenient for us to understand local culture and customs, which can be said to be the fastest way to integrate one of the ways to live and study in the UK. There are also many things to pay attention to when choosing a host family. If you want to use the kitchen, try not to cook Chinese food. Many British families do not allow cooking methods with open flames and cooking fumes, and Chinese food is unavoidable. Even if you cook other cuisines, you should clean up the kitchen after using it, and don’t ask the homeowner to deal with it because of the use of facilities. The usual work and rest time should also be regular, and it is not good to affect others. Most of the host families are younger international students in China. The main reason is that their self-care ability is not strong. Parents also prefer to let their children choose this kind of living style. Most of the international students with their own ability prefer to choose independent London student accommodation outside the school.

How to choose a homestay in London

Usually, locals in London who are willing to rent out their houses will accept several international students to rent at the same time. Each person will have a separate room, and the kitchen and bathroom are public areas. The water, electricity and gas expenses incurred in daily life are shared equally by everyone, and some families even arrange for international students to take turns to clean up, which can also be deducted from rent. Overall, it is a good choice for studying abroad. Compared with student dormitories with higher fees, the price/performance ratio is still very high.

It is necessary to communicate with the landlord before staying. What is the responsibility of the landlord to the tenant? What obligations do tenants have? The landlord is mainly responsible for the maintenance of the living area and the payment of daily living expenses. The tenant’s obligation is mainly for daily cleaning, etc. The first thing to do these is to protect each other’s rights and interests, and the second is to avoid disputes, so in advance Good communication is still necessary.

Of course, there will be a running-in period during the accommodation stage, and normal international students will gradually enter the life state. When you sign a house contract, it is best to be accompanied by your parents or have relatives and friends in the local area. Once you have the idea or behavior of checking out, you must communicate with the landlord more than one month in advance to arrange the time for the next stage of accommodation for yourself. It also provides a buffer period for landlords to find new tenants. If you do not notify in advance, you may be responsible for the subsequent rent. In the process of living, no matter what the behavior is, the terms of the contract should be the main ones, and do not act first.

Living in student accommodation offers an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow students, fostering a sense of community and creating lifelong friendships. Research the social aspect of potential accommodations, including organized events, clubs, and societies. This can enhance your university experience and provide additional avenues for personal growth. Furthermore, inquire about any support services offered by the accommodation provider, such as counseling services, academic support, or assistance for international students. A supportive environment can greatly contribute to your overall well-being and academic success.

Some situations, advantages and disadvantages of choosing boarding families in student accommodation London have been analyzed for you, and I hope the above can help you.”

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