Kay Jewelry and Birthstones

Kay Jewelry has been around for about ninety years. The simple idea of ​​two innovative brothers, Sol and Edmund Kaufmann of Reading, Pennsylvania, gave way to the creation of Kay. They opened the first Kay Jewelry around the corner from their father’s furniture store.

Originally, Kay sold things other than jewelry stores. Some of her early products included eyeglasses, electric razors, musical jewelry boxes, cutlery sets, kitchen appliances, and even radios. But then, as time went by, Kay concentrated on the jewelry business.

Owning a piece of jewelry with a special meaning, such as those with precious stones, will surely not only serve as an adornment for your body, but also be an expression of your individuality.

Know your gemstone. A gemstone that is also often called birthstones, they are crystal shards from the heart of the earth. These fragments are cut, shaped, polished, and enhanced with color to create ornaments or jewelry.

If you are born in January, Garnet is your gemstone. Garnet comes in almost a rainbow of colors, ranging from deep red to opulent shades of orange and gold, soft violets and lavenders, and striking greens. This gem is believed to promote loyalty, sincerity, and devotion. Amethyst is the February gemstone. It is a purple strain of quartz that ranges from a soft slightly pinkish violet to a rich grape purple. Aquamarine is for people born in March. As its name indicates, this precious stone has the color of the sea and legend has it that it is the treasure of the mermaids. When mined and cut, most aquamarines have a greenish hue. To obtain a purer blue color, the stones are enhanced by heating. Diamonds are valued for their brilliance, purity and elegance. It is the precious stone of April. Diamonds derive their name from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means invincible or indestructible. The value of a diamond is determined by its cut, clarity, color and carat.

May’s gemstone is represented by the emerald. The emerald is commonly associated with rebirth and abundance due to its rich green color that is often reminiscent of the colors of spring, symbolizing the regeneration of life and the hope of new possibilities. For June, it’s Pearl. Pearls can be natural or cultured. Pearls, unlike other gemstones, are produced by living organisms such as oysters and mollusks. Contrary to the belief that pearls are produced white, the color of pearls varies. Varies from champagne pink, yellow, gold, lavender, gray and black. July’s gem is Ruby, the gem of burning desire and passion. Throughout most of recorded history, the ruby ​​has been portrayed as the most valuable. It is believed to have the ability to rekindle desire and promote good thoughts.

Peridot is a relatively soft gemstone. It is most desired in shades of lime and is the birthstone for August. Magical and healing powers are attributed to this gemstone, such as the power to deflect evil and protection against nightmares. September is symbolized by Sapphire. Sapphire embodies an endless palette of blue colors but, like all other gems, it is also found in other shades of red, violet, orange, and even white. A perfect sapphire is a rare work of art. For the month of October, the gemstone is opal. Admired as a symbol of purity, fidelity and hope and was nicknamed by the Romans as the Queen of Gems because she encompasses the shades and colors of all other gems. Opal has the ability to play with color. Another variety of quartz, Citrine is the stone of November. Its color ranges from pale yellow to brown. And for people born in December, it’s Topaz. It is a very durable gemstone, but can be split with a single sharp blow, a diamond-like character.

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