The 5 mistakes most people make on the Dukan diet

The Dukan diet is one of the fastest growing new diets. With so many people in a rush to get started and experience the fast weight loss and low hunger program, only a few may make mistakes in their rush to lose weight. In this article, I will discuss the five most common mistakes of the Dukan diet.

1. Not eating enough and feeling hungry

People used to starvation and calorie counting diets have a hard time getting used to the idea that they can eat as much as they want on the Dukan diet. There is a common misconception that to lose weight you must be hungry all the time. Consequently, some people new to the Dukan diet will unconsciously reduce their portion sizes to avoid feeling full and thus feeling like they are dieting (and losing weight). You don’t need to be hungry all the time to lose weight! The Dukan diet is a diet to reduce hunger, you should not feel hungry while following this weight loss program. If you’re hungry, eat something (as long as it’s on the allowed food list!)

2. Not having enough variety in your diet

When you first start on the Dukan diet, you may need to refer to the Dukan diet book several times. It is natural to want to double check which foods are allowed and which are not. It may take a week or two to memorize the list for the Dukan diet friendly meals together become second nature. For some people, once they find a food they like to eat, they stick with it, thinking that it is easier to stick with what they know is safe and easy. The downside to this plan is that meals quickly become repetitive and boring. The once enjoyable and eagerly anticipated food fix becomes a dreaded chore. So, to avoid getting tired of the mere sight of turkey kebabs in tikka and mint sauce (for example), be sure to take some time to experiment and expand your Dukan diet menu.

3. Stepping on the scale constantly

Weight loss on the Dukan diet, especially during the attack phase, can be very rapid. Dieters will gain motivational enthusiasm by stepping on the scale to see that the pounds have been dropping. However, the weight fluctuates throughout the day. The scales may show an exciting loss of a couple of pounds in the morning, but they show that you have actually gained a pound in the afternoon! One day you may see weight loss and another day show weight gain. This is unnecessarily disturbing.

You should also be aware that most household scales are not very accurate machines. Move the scales slightly to the left or right and you will probably find a different result when you step on them.

Weighing should not be done more frequently than once a week. Once a month would be better in my opinion. Weight loss should always be thought of in terms of week to week at a minimum, preferably month to month. Which brings me to the next error.

4. Taking Too Much Occasional Slips

It is very easy to slip into your diet and eat something you shouldn’t be eating. Someone may offer you a cookie without thinking that you are eating it before you know what you are doing. You find yourself in a situation where refusing food or drink would be inappropriate and rude. On the Dukan diet there are also little accidental slips, like having whole milk in your coffee by accident or eating a fattier cut of meat than you thought you were eating. I remember when I first went to the Dukan, I accidentally picked up a packet of roast pork slices instead of roast turkey. For a couple of minutes I was devastated until I managed to put things in proportion!

A little slip while on the Dukan diet is nothing. Imagine that one day you have a couple of glasses of wine. Naughty, naughty, wine is not allowed at the Dukan. But doing too much of this slip would be insane! Let’s say the extra calories for the wine were 280 kcal. That’s 280 kcal that I shouldn’t have had insurance. But instead of thinking of this as 280 extra kcal for that day, consider it extra for the week. This means that this slip caused me to consume an additional 40 kcal per day for the following month.

So instead of spending time worrying about drinking those glasses of wine and feeling miserable, think instead of burning that extra 40 kcal every day for a month. This will not be too difficult! Drinking a liter of ice water burns roughly that amount (you don’t have to drink it all at once!) Due to the fact that your body will burn calories simply by increasing the temperature of the water.

5. Thinking that the Dukan Diet works by magic

It’s not hard to see why so many people seem to think that the Dukan diet works by magic. The lack of hunger and rapid weight loss seem so different from all other diets that the food combinations must seem like they work like magic. Some people talk about diet as if their stomachs are cauldrons and the food they eat is ingredients in a magic potion for weight loss. They think that if they get something wrong, eat too much or this or too little or that, eat the wrong food or drink the wrong drink, then the spell will be broken and the weight loss will cease!

Of course this is not the case. There is nothing magical about the way the Dukan diet works. Everything that happens is what happens with all diets that work. Dieters simply burn more calories than they consume, and weight loss occurs when their bodies use stored fat for energy. The best thing about the Dukan diet, the reason so many people rave about it, is that the whole process is so much easier and faster than what is experienced with other diets. Dukan’s high-protein, low-carb menus mean that people naturally consume fewer calories simply because they feel full faster and don’t feel hungry or crave food any longer. If you slip or eat the wrong food, that day you will simply have eaten more calories, nothing will be ruined or undone, as long as you return directly to the program, the weight loss will continue as before.

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