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Selling products online is the easiest way to expand your customer base. If you’re looking for an easy way to create an online store without investing hours in store development and coding, there’s one company in particular that stands out from the competition: Flying Cart. Signing up is quick and painless, and the doors to your online store can open in minutes.

Flying Cart offers would-be online store owners a customizable and easy-to-use template, without looking generic and cheap. If you don’t currently own a website, no problem: your and hosting are included in the cost of each store plan.

Some of the features that Flying Cart offers include:

high quality imagesNote: If you’ve ever made any purchases online, you may have noticed that professional stores provide a high-quality image of the product with zoom capabilities to help see details. Flying Cart also offers this service to its customers; simply send them the high-quality image you’d like to use for a certain product and they’ll take care of the rest.

social media tools: Flying Cart places Twitter, Facebook and Digg buttons throughout your store to encourage your customers to share the item they bought with their friends. As the popularity of LivingSocial and GroupOn shows, social media marketing pays off.

monthly newsletter: Statistics have shown that businesses that keep their customers in the loop with the latest special offers or newest products generally experience higher repeat sales volume than stores that don’t. Instead of hiring an additional company to handle the email marketing aspect of your business, this service allows you to formulate an email newsletter and communicate directly with past clients.

inventory management: They’ll keep a real-time count of how many items you still have in stock, and quickly alert you if the supply is running low.

Create a fan club: Similar to the Social Networking tool, lovers of your products can join your electronic Fan Club. These fans will receive your monthly newsletter and will also be aware of any coupons or special offers that you designate for them.

distribution coupon: This service gives you the ability to distribute e-coupons to potential customers or loyal Fan Club members.


Flying Cart combines several services that alone would cost more than $50 per month: website hosting, email marketing, and inventory management can be purchased independently for around $10-$15 per month each. one. If you’re still not completely sold on Flying Cart, the price may seal the deal: Small business owners starting with 25 products or less can enjoy most of the aforementioned features for just $9.99 per month. Selling 250 products only costs $29.99 per month, 5,000 products equals $119.99 per month, and huge stores selling up to 20,000 items pay $349.99 per month.

Summary: Why Flying Cart?

The answer should be obvious by now, right? While other companies will help you develop a simple store template for a nominal fee, Flying Cart will provide several additional services designed to help you spend as little time as possible handling day-to-day store management. You’re still in control: You can easily browse inventory or sales stats at any time, edit product descriptions, and formulate an email newsletter at any time. With a thirty-day free trial, give it a try – what have you got to lose?

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