Things You Must Do in Advance to Make Your Holiday Memorable

Holiday Memorable

If you’re heading to Prague this summer, these are the three things you must do in advance to get ready. Prague is bisected by the Vltava River, which divides it into five parts. Known as the City of a Hundred Spires, it is known for its Old Town Square, with colorful, Gothic churches, imposing old buildings and the impressive Astronomical Clock, that gives an live, animated hour-by-hour display. —ritz | map} Getting to Prague has been made much easier with the renovation of the Charles Bridge, and even if you don’t want to stay in the center of town, the Museum Quarter is well worth a visit. Here you’ll find the world’s finest examples of local glass making, as well as furniture and decorative items from Prague’s rich history.—ritz

When in Prague, be sure to take a good look at your city map before stepping out into the wide world. The Prague map is divided into five concentric sections, each one presenting a different aspect of Prague’s architecture. You can begin in the South, going east until you reach the Danube. Here you’ll discover the Baroque period, complete with the marvelous Castle Hill and St. Vitus Cathedral. Just south of here on the opposite side of the river, you’ll find The Old Town, the epicenter of Prague’s city planning during the Renaissance. And if you’re looking for historical ruins to explore, you should go to the Gothic quarter on the west side of Prague.

When you’re done exploring the city in person, there are plenty of things you must do in advance to make your trip fun and worthwhile. One of them is visiting the famous St. Vitus Cathedral. With its stunning 12th century building, you can’t help but be impressed by this huge church. It holds the remains of more than 800 victims of the horrible plague, and has become a home to the burned remains of these innocent souls. This tour also takes you into the fantastic underground water tunnels that were used during the Black plague, and offer a glimpse into the dark history of the city’s survival during that time.

Things You Must Do in Advance to Make Your Holiday Memorable

If you’re interested in learning about the fine arts, then these are definitely the things you must do in advance to get the most out of your trip. There is always plenty to do in Prague, including museums, galleries, and public performances. One of the most famous theatres is the Arena Hammerstein, which features art films and musicals, as well as theater productions. For more intimate engagements, you might want to check out the St. Vitus Cathedral, which features one of the largest collections of churches in the world. With a wealth of architecture to admire, and a beautiful view of the city to appreciate, these are definitely the things you must do in advance to make your vacation fun-filled and enjoyable.

If shopping is on your agenda, then these are the things you must do in advance to ensure your good health. Without a doubt, Prague offers some of the best shopping in Europe, so whether you’re into unique jewellery or fashionable clothing, or you’re into buying souvenirs for friends and family back home, Prague’s Old Town Square is sure to have it all. And if you need to stock up on last minute supplies, then you’ll definitely need to head over to Vltava Riverfront Plaza, where you’ll find one of the best shopping centres in the city. The Vltava Riverfront Plaza is also great for dining, so you might want to take your fill of authentic Czech food while you’re in Prague.

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