Why do sky lanterns fly?

The sight of the sky lanterns is intriguing; They never cease to amaze me. I constantly wonder how they work, what makes them go up to the sky and stay there for so long just before coming back down to earth. I realize it has to depend on the laws of physics, but I want a much fuller clarification of how this special object works through the wonders of science.

Sky Lanterns has become a frequent show in recent years. They are normally seen and popular at ceremonies and anniversaries. Not many people claim to not be mesmerized or enchanted by the sight of these lanterns, or flying lanterns as they are also known. As they light up the skies, whether at night or of course during the day, you can’t help but cheer that this really is physics in action. I did some research and came up with what best explains how this object rises up into your sky and stays there for at least 15-20 minutes at a time.

The basic principle is the use of very hot air rising upwards in a cooler atmosphere. When hot air fills the flying sky lantern, heating it up, the direct consequence and response is that the sky lantern rises upwards, similar to a larger hot air balloon. This is because warm air is lighter than cooler, denser air, so the flying lantern starts to fly, or actually floats up. The body collects hot air created by the heat from the wax fuel cell that it ignited prior to the launch of the lantern. Then, after about 1-2 minutes, the body has enough hot air for the sky lantern to rise and float into the sky. The wax fuel cell then continues to fill the lantern with this hot air, so the lantern does not fall to the ground. However, it will slowly float down after the fuel cell has completely burned out. This is when sky lanterns, also known as Chinese lanterns, slowly parachute down to earth. This does not pose any danger to the environment or the surroundings, since the lanterns are not on at the moment. Then the wick is safe to touch because it is cold at the moment.

The materials used in the manufacture of these large objects are very light, such as rice paper and light bamboo strips, the wick is also very light. If the materials were heavy, the lanterns would not be able to fly.

When using flying lanterns, the people flying the lanterns should take the same care as when using fireworks, although these lanterns are much safer. This is because it uses a naked flame. All Chinese lanterns come with instruction manuals and safety guidelines that must be strictly adhered to. Safety is paramount when using them.

Sky lanterns are now so easily available to buy on the internet. But you have to be careful when choosing a supplier or online retailer. This is because many companies now selling these lanterns are using suppliers from China who produce very low quality sky lanterns that are often very dangerous. Chinese lanterns made in China are mass-produced, often using materials such as fiberglass or asbestos. We did our research and found that the best quality lanterns are from Thailand, many of which are handcrafted from environmentally friendly materials.

So be careful when choosing where to buy your sky lanterns and when using them. Above all enjoy them!

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