Don’t believe the myths about facial exercises

Facial exercises are becoming more prevalent for men and women in their quest to look younger, but there are many myths about facial exercise regimens. We separate reality from fiction.

For those who are not sure what yoga facial exercises are, they are generally techniques that are used on various parts of the face and neck to firm the sagging skin on the face, eradicate the pig’s double chin and double chin, revitalize the color skin, tighten the turkey neck and soften the face. and wrinkles in the eyes. Some facial exercise programs involve isometric principles and some employ massage techniques that involve the use of the fingertips.

Here are some cool things to keep in mind regarding facial exercises:

Myth: You can alter the facial structure of the face with plastic surgery, but not with a facial exercise system.

Reality: To some extent, you can change the structure of your face using face lift exercises, but not as fast and drastic as cosmetic surgery. If you focus on certain regions, such as cheek exercises, your cheeks will fill out. If you apply them to the bags under your eyes, they will diminish and the shape of your face will change to a more youthful shape. However, facial yoga is not effective in correcting birth defects or damage caused by an accident.

Myth: Surgically cutting loose skin to firm turkey neck, lift sagging facial skin and hanging jowls, and solve a double chin problem is better than thoroughly massaging these areas.

Fact: Surgical lifting of sagging skin is temporary. After a while, you will get baggy again and you will have to repeat the surgery at a greater cost to you. Exercises for the face and neck will keep the skin firm and toned continuously, but not invasively.

Myth: DIY non-surgical facelifts aren’t as effective as plastic surgery procedures.

Fact: Cosmetic surgery is radical and interferes with the body’s natural energy lines and nodal points. Facial exercises are gentle, non-invasive, and increase energy and blood flow, rather than restricting it.

Myth: You have to do a facial exercise system every day, and it’s hard to remember all the techniques and points, and it is also time-consuming.

Fact: It is advisable to do face-lift exercises daily for about twenty minutes. There are generally about twenty points to massage on the face and neck, so one minute at each point will be sufficient; They are generally in the same face and neck positions that acupuncturists use to treat certain ailments.

Myth: Facelift exercises are painful or will damage your sinuses.

Fact: Facial exercises need to be applied with your fingertips firmly at very specific pressure points. Firm, but not too firm to cause pain or discomfort. At first, you may experience some congestion for the first few days in the nose while massaging the sinus area, but that is perfectly natural and this will dissipate quickly.

Myth: Facial yoga or exercises do not produce better results than creams, lotions, Botox, thermage, laser treatments as an anti-aging skincare routine to smooth eye wrinkles (crow’s feet), laughter and forehead lines.

Fact: Lotions and creams are great for long-term anti-aging skin care, and I recommend people to use them when doing yoga facial exercises to work on the cream simultaneously. Botox and other artificial methods are quick fixes and may even be harmful for you. But facial yoga can easily turn the clock back comprehensively, not just to slow down the effects of aging.

Before spending substantial amounts of money and risking your appearance with a surgeon, try a facial exercise program. They are very cost effective and a powerful tool to regain your youthful appearance in a couple of weeks!

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